"Trommelfarben" is a solo audio-visual percussion project by Christoph Haberer - an "experienced, seasoned traveller and percussionist; who moves between ethnological research, machine aesthetics and electronic sound fantasies" (FAZ). The fundamental concept entails fusing acoustic and electronic timbres with the image colours in the art video which was especially created by light artist Ingo Werner for this production.

Haberer performed each of his compositions/improvisations on a specially configured percussion kit and made videos and audio recordings of them. Extraordinary combinations of acoustic, electric and synthetic instruments create a wide range of sound variations.

Ranging from a purely acoustic drum and percussion kit, or a mixed e-pad setup, through to an ensemble of tin cans,
from a 360-degree set of tom-toms, to an installation featuring a variety of gongs and metal percussion instruments in an artistically designed space,
from an Indian ghatam to polyrhythmic chanting on a vocal track,
from a Swiss Basle drum or resonator bars through to a Moog drum controller,
from a set of darabuka drums or Japanese taiko drum through to steel tongue drums and fire bowls. 


„Trommelfarben“ is available:

  • as a CD with 10 audio tracks from the videos
  • as an LP / 180g vinyl in gatefold cover, including CD (released: 30 June 2023) 
  • as a Blue-ray / DVD box set each version comprising 17 videos and 16-page booklet (currently in preparation)

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All information about Christoph Haberer: christoph-haberer.de

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